Guess where U.S. students are going?

Guess where U.S. students are going? - November 19, 2004
Cormac writes: Never mind India, notice that Thailand is number 3 in Asia: A number of American students are going abroad for higher studies and India is the fifth most attractive country in Asia for them, a new report has found.
Since 1991-92, the number of students studying abroad for credit has more than doubled from 71,154 to 174,629, according to the Open Doors 2004 report, an annual report on international academic mobility released by the Institute of International Education.
India with 703 pupils was the fifth country in Asia to attract American students in 2002-03 after Japan (3,457), China (2,493), Thailand (794) and Korea (739), it said...
(Hindustan Times, November, 2004)
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