Review of Bang Rajan and the “Founding Myth of Modern Thailand”

Review of Bang Rajan - New York Times, September 9, 2004
...The Burmese are thoroughly demonized as bloodthirsty savages. "What kind of man could do this?" one character asks, surveying a scene of hideous carnage. And the Burmese are led by a tubby, decadent general who seems to have stepped out of "Quo Vadis." The Siamese men are lean, mean fighting machines with the bodies of Calvin Klein models. They, too, enjoy hacking off arms and heads, but only in the ennobling context of battle.
...But there's something arrogantly ethnocentric in the way American marketing know-how has been used to transform one country's nationalist epic into another's splatter camp, complete with amusingly inept subtitles. ("What's the plan, Chan?" asks one soldier of his commander.)
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