Bike lanes

Bike lanes - July 10, 2004
Another reason for bike lanes - Bangkok Post, July 10, 2004
...What the experts have failed to note is the fact that past and present transport plans have catered mainly to the car-owning middle and upper classes, giving the needs of lower income groups secondary attention. Building road networks and expressways is obviously for the benefit of those who can afford cars, while the commuter rail system has been priced beyond the reach of most workers.
...But this city probably has one of the worst footpath networks in the world. Footpaths have been taken over mostly by vendors and shophouses, and are often raided by motorcycles, making walking both inconvenient and hazardous.
Even without the vendors, most of them are more like obstacle courses than ways for people to walk, what with electricity and telephone poles and booths and the uneven surface and sewer holes. As for biking, the existing bike lanes are nearly not worth mentioning. Few of them are of real use either because they are way out of community areas or are so fragmented that they lead nowhere. Biking on main roads can be life-threatening...

New roads in suburbs to have bicycle lanes to cut congestion - Bangkok Post, July 10, 2004
The city administration plans to build bicycle lanes along most of 28 new roads in Bangkok's suburbs to promote cycling as a means to help ease traffic congestion and air pollution.
...Under the city's plan, 25 out of 28 new roads will have bike lanes on both sides. They will feed the skytrain and subway networks expected to be completed in about six years.
One route, for example, will be built on Phahon Yothin road from Saphan Mai to Vacharapol road and ends at Nimit Mai road in Min Buri.
...Mr Somsak blamed the failure of the city's existing bike-lane projects on substandard construction and lack of facilities to serve cyclists.
For example, cyclists have to share the bike lane along Prachachuen road with pedestrians.
"We used to provide a bike lane, with bicycles on loan for residents on Navamin road. It went well until the bikes were stolen,"Mr Somsak said...
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