Horrors of house buying

Horrors of house buying - Time, May 4, 2004
Don pointed out this mention of Thai house buying in the latest issue of Time: ...Soon after, the general's wife started showing up with a gang of cronies (including monks), yelling, haranguing, even singing. We received threatening letters in mangled legalese.
Gun magazines ominously appeared in the mailbox, along with almost daily missives from debt collectors. One morning the general himself appeared—in military fatigues, frothing at the mouth—and threatened to put me in a coffin. He pulled out a pistol-shape package, brandished it, then drove away...
The police told us we had every right to stay. They began to put together a case against the general for forgery and fraud... Nor was he a general, police said, merely a middle-ranking officer who had been kicked out of the air force for misconduct.
A warrant has now been issued for his arrest, and the police have set up a checkpoint outside the house. A cop comes by every three or four hours. In the meantime, we live in limbo.

On a sidebar:... Swindles are rife--a common one is to sell a house but keep the land on a separate title.
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