What happened to the Peoples’ Progress supplement?

What happened to the Peoples' Progress supplement? - May 25, 2004
The Bangkok Post's special supplement on the events of October 1973, Peoples' Progress, was one of the most comprehensive examinations of what has changed since the watershed protests.
It was especially notable for mentioning events and issues rarely reported in English such as the 'red drum massacres,' the Thai labor movement as a spent force, local politics remaining powerless, and modern media turning its back on grassroots issues.
Strangely enough, while other Post specials remain linked on their front page for years after publication, Peoples' Progress has already disappeared from the site (but the broken link is still on the front page).
It is entirely possible that the articles are somewhere else on the chaotic and ever-changing Post site, but we have been unable to locate them or get anyone at the Post to comment on this. It is notable that the editor of Peoples' Progress was Veera Prateepchaikul, the Post editor later fired due to government pressure.
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