‘Bangkok’s sinister world of shame’

'Bangkok's sinister world of shame' - New Zealand News, October 17, 2003
One of the first of the many 'local color' stories that APEC reporters will file about our town. This one is a furious and overly vivid account about how Western men are pigs in Bangkok: Our Western world has spat them out - lonely, unattractive, below par, the old and fat, the socially incompetent, the slow. In Thailand they are wealthy, attractive and powerful... For the first time in his life he has a bevy of beauties surrounding him. They laugh enthusiastically at his drunken jokes. She pretends to like him long enough to get paid, and he suspends disbelief.
UPDATE: Wesley informs us that the article was in fact written by the wife of the New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand, not really an APEC article.
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