Thanom: Twilight of the Dictator

Twilight of the Dictator - The Nation, October 3, 2003
Today, younger members of the Kittikachorn family strive for what they say is justice for their grandfather. They have grown up learning a different version of the October 14 history in which their grandfather was innocent and did not order the shooting and violent crackdown on demonstrators.
The family's version is that Thanom, then prime minister and supreme commander of the armed forces, didn't order the suppression but gave orders "not to suppress" the protesters on that day...
"The field marshal isn't the kind of person who can easily destroy other people's life. He is a religious man," adds Suvit. "My father's government was not that of a dictator," Songsuda continues. "Apart from the fact that he was from the military and was not elected, he did not rule like a dictator. And at home, he never acts like a dictator. He never forces us to do anything."
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