Americans will be told to go elsewhere

Americans will be told to go elsewhere - Bangkok Post, March 22, 2003
A famous resort on Koh Samui is turning away American tourists in protest against US attacks on Iraq. Wirat Pongchababnapa, owner of Pavilion Resort Koh Samui on Lamai beach, said the resort would not welcome American tourists. The protest was also against President George W Bush ``who liked violence and wanted to have enemies''.
Mr. Wirat can expect a visit from the authorities. The government protects the tourism industry like no other and we doubt if this kind of protest will be tolerated. guarantees that by tomorrow the local press will be reporting that this report was a mistake and Mr. Wirat will be insisting he never made such a statement.
Reuters reports: ...He said he had already turned away two U.S. tourists, provoking protest letters and e-mails from other Americans. "I have politely told them that I am opposed to the policies of their government, and Americans are not welcome here," he told Reuters. "My resort is against war mongers."
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