The Weird Claims of Dhammakaya

We've had lots of email about the Slate article on the odd Thai cult of Dhammakaya. Terry alerts us to the weird claims the cult makes about the bombing of Bangkok during WWII: At that time the inhabitants of the neighbourhood gazed up at the skies and were surprised to see large numbers of nuns from Wat Paknam floating in the air, intercepting the bombs dropped by the bombers and patting them with their bare hands to fall harmlessly in the water or uninhabited areas of forest. It is also claimed that the Allies were going to test the first Atomic bomb by dropping it on Bangkok and that meditation by holy men prevented this.

Making fun of Dhammakaya - July 31, 2002
Another example of how things Thai are reported overseas: a writer visits the Dhammakaya temple: What if today is ritual mass suicide day?
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