New York Times and The Nation write about the Post’s Trink

The Nation has an article on the Post's Trink - The Nation, November 22, 2002
[2014 note: We are unable to find the original article online.]
The Nation's article was spurred by the NYT article last week: ...I've heard he's past his prime. I've even heard a respectable newspaper like the Bangkok Post has no business publishing his weekly grab-bag of bad jokes, misleading musings and the Kingdom's fair "lasses", advice to lonely expat men and recommendations of bars in boozing districts certain sober elements in the community would prefer didn't exist...

NYT article on Trink - New York Times, November 17, 2002
...But the truth is that Mr. Trink has been tamed by changing times. The paper has told him to back off his crusade to prove that AIDS is nothing but a money-making fabrication of pharmaceutical companies. No longer allowed to recommend his favorite prostitutes, he sometimes touts grocery items, with a strange, Nixonian seriousness. "For years Tang (orange powder to mix with water) was my favorite beverage, until, at 200 baht a bottle, the taste was no longer worth the price," he told readers recently.... For a long time he tracked the fluctuating price of Dinty Moore's beef stew, until "I kind of felt I'd said all there is to say about it..."
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