To warn or not to warn…

The Travel Warnings

A Terrorist Target? A Frantic Thailand Protests - New York Times, November 13, 2002
The nations involved have responded in characteristic ways. Where Thailand prefers to avert its eyes from unpleasant things, Singapore prides itself being straightforward. "Terrorism is not a faraway problem," said Singapore's prime minister, Goh Chok Tong. "The bomb blasts in Bali confirm what we have warned all along, that terrorists are shifting their theater of operations to Southeast Asia."

Shawn Crispin in trouble again - Bangkok Post, November 13, 2002
Far Eastern Economic Review's bureau chief in Bangkok, Shawn Crispin, already placed on probation by Thai authorities, apparently contributed to (if not wrote) the article claiming that the Bali bomb attacks were planned in southern Thailand: "If so, the Special Branch will take action against him as he has always made damaging reports about Thailand. He should no longer stay here...." Gen Thammarak last week blasted the AWSJ, saying it was behaving like a 'tailless dog' for making up the report of the meetings in southern Thailand to plan the Bali bombings.

To warn or not to warn... - New York Times , November 12, 2002
Far from warning people to stay away after the Sept. 11 attacks, America's leaders encouraged Americans to travel to New York, to support tourism, in a show of patriotic solidarity, and many world leaders did just that. The approach toward Bali, and now other tourist spots throughout Southeast Asia, has been the opposite...The resulting fear also does tremendous economic damage. In Thailand, about 6 percent of the economy comes from tourism, one of the highest levels in the world. "You cannot overestimate the importance of tourism here," one ambassador said....If there are no terrorist attacks, few people will criticize a government for issuing a warning, diplomats say. But if there is an attack, and the government has not protected itself by issuing a warning, there will be a high price to pay, they say.

Bomb squads kept busy - Pattaya Mail, November 10, 2002
Paranoid residents have police running around “diffusing” everything from suitcases to cardboard boxes.
And Trink featured in last week's column--it is by some local guys touting the safety of Phuket.
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