Sanan Wants Some Falling Oranges

"Wants some falling oranges" - from Thai Rath, Cartoon by Sia, September 25, 2010
The caption near the top left reads: Wants some falling oranges [in Thai this refers to a jackpot or unexpected good luck]
The letters on the chair dropping on Sanan read: The reconciling Prime Minister
The words on each of the boxes he is carrying read: To leave/To take away
[The box with the hand represents the yellow shirts and the other box with the foot represents the red shirts. The foot and the hand refer to the clapper devices each group uses at rallies.]
The small man at the bottom left holds a sign that reads: Release the UDD prisoners

[This refers to political kingmaker Sanan's sudden and shameless injection of himself as a peacemaker. This is widely viewed as an attempt to maneuver himself into the Prime Minister position.]

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