Factions went crazy at thought of Kowit leading party

PHEU THAI PARTY - Factions went crazy at thought of Kowit leading party - The Nation, September 20, 2010
..."Yongyuth and Kowit have a totally different mindset over the premiership. We all know that Yongyuth does not want to be party leader, nor premier, but Kowit would come in with the intention of stepping up as PM. That is why many factions that hoped to see their leaders assume the premiership could not allow this to happen," the source said.
...After the reappointment of Yongyuth, national reconciliation efforts go on, but Thaksin has not accepted the condition that he must stop inciting reds because he felt cutting ties with the party and the red shirts would not do him any good.
Thakin's desire for clemency, one of his important conditions for reconciliation, is not only to gain amnesty for the reds charged with terrorism, but also to help the 111 and 109 banned politicians, and to "kill" any cases brought by the coup-installed government.
In the name of bargaining, it is common each side seeks the most they can think of - but negotiation will dictate how both settle their demands...

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