Beware of the Newin Pipe!

From Manager, August 8, 2010
The sign at the far right reads: Pheu Thai Party
The man on the left is saying: Beware of that pipe. Four of our MPs walked pass and they were pulled inside and disappeared!!!
The man at right is saying: The shape of the intake looks awry and accustomed

[Meaning something like "the shape of the mouth is awry." This means the shape of the pipe is just like the head of banned politician Newin Chidchob. Despite his political ban, Newin controls the Bhumjaithai political party and is a favorite to be a Thai Prime Minister once his ban ends. It has recently been rumored that Pheu Thai MPs have been offered US$1,000,000 to defect to Bhumjaithai.
However, this may be only part of the story as, with the failure of the Red Shirt rallies and the appointments of new a Commander-in-Chief and Police Chief, it will be seeming very unlikely to Pheu Thai MPs that a Thaksin-controlled government, with the sole goal of giving him a pardon, would ever be able to be seated again.]

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