Dreams of Being Prime Minister

(Source: Manager, August 23, 2010)

Dreams - from Manager, August 23, 2010
At the top of the chair: Prime Minister
The caption at the bottom reads: The dream of Lerm [Chalerm Yubamrung] begins to face an obstacle

[Chalerm Yubamrung dreams of being prime minister at the helm of the Pheu Thai Party. Coming into frame is former prime minister Gen Chawalit Yongjaiyuth. Chalerm and Chawalit are both political enemies both vying for leadership of the Pheu Thai Party.
Chalerm is seen as taking the party out of Thaksin's orbit, but as one of the most reviled and Machiavellian political figures, accepting him into the political equation would be a bitter pill to swallow even for Thaksin's foes.
Chawalit has shown himself to be willing to act as a Thaksin proxy, but has been skittish when the going gets rough, first dropping out of sight after the 2006 New Year's bombings and then quitting the People Power Party after Samak's raid on PAD protesters in mid-2008.]

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