Arisman’s Two Escapes

(Source: Manager, August 27, 2010)

From Manager, August 27, 2010
Left: The sign on the building reads: SC Park Hotel
The caption reads: Ki's [Arisman, hard core UDD leader] first show
Right: The sign on the building reads: City Angkor Hotel
The caption reads: ...possibly another round [of the scene] soon

[This refers to the very public escape of Red Shirt leader Arisman from Thai police by climbing down the outside of a hotel earlier this year. Recently it has been alleged that hardcore Red Shirt leaders have been living openly in Cambodia with Arisman having been seen singing karaoke at the City Angkor Hotel in Siam Reap. As Hun Sen appears to be mending fences with the Thai government, it may be that Red Shirt fugitives could become an embarrassment to the Cambodian government or end up being hunted down by Thai agents.]

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