Trampling the dead… slandering the injured…

From Thai Rath, cartoon by Zia, August 16, 2010
The tied up man is saying: Trampling the dead... slandering the injured... the order man still has his graceful face [on in society]... the killer is still not arrested
On the tombstone: UDD
The papers in the grave read: Applying the terrorist charge - Applying the arson charge- Applying the murderer charge in 90 deaths - Applying the charge of sabotage
The word on the man's back: CRES - The Center of Resolutions for Emergency Situations
The word close to three men watching read: Justice - Human Rights Watch - Media
The tiny boy at lower right is holding a sign that reads: Tragedy
At top right, a puppeteer's hand representing the Privy Council again insinuates that all of this is being overseen, if not planned, at very high levels.

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