Thailand: Reporting from the ‘Red zones’

Thailand: Reporting from the 'Red zones' - Green Left Weekly, July 11, 2010
...In rural provinces, authorities have intensified royalist campaigning since the crackdown. Some village heads in the north-east (or Isan) have received two types of forms from the interior ministry.
The first one is for the collection of signatures from the population for an oath of loyalty to Thailand's monarchy.
The oath reads: "This person wants to show their willingness to worship the monarchy and to protect the monarchy with his or her life."
A village head in Kalasin province said: "I was told to collect 300 signatures in my village. But I'm afraid I couldn't because some of the 500 villagers actually reside in other areas."
The second form is for joining the 'monarchy protection group'". It instructs village heads to "organise" 20 people to "implement" the royalist oath. The idea appears to be to organise a type of royalist village militia...

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