Taste and Complain

From Manager, Politics Cartoon "Chim pai Da pai" [taste and complain], July 6, 2010
Left panel: Why are you holding the two of us to send back to Thailand?
Hun Sen: For damaging the assets of a Cambodian.
Right panel: Where?!
Hun Sen: The Bhumjaithai Party, the owner of this party is Cambodian

[The people tied up are the two suspects in the recent Bhumjaithai Party headquarters bombing who fled to Cambodia. The joke being made here is that Newin Chidchob, the controlling power behind the Bhumjaithai Party, has both ethnic and political ties to Cambodia and Hun Sen is protecting his interests.
Although Newin left his alliance with Thaksin and joined with the Democrats in the present government, many in the PAD consider Newin to be as great a danger as Thaksin. This is sure to be an irritant in the future as Newin will be a key contender for prime minister once his political ban ends.]

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