Farewell to old year and celebrating New Year 2010

Farewell to old year and celebrating New Year 2010 - December 31, 2009
Dr. Has reports: Today [December 31] military unit 1 of division 7011 together with religious and community leaders of Moo 8 and Moo 9 in the Krongpinang district and military unit 4708 hosted a new year's party for local villagers.
Krongpinang district chief Somkiat Srisanet presided over the opening ceremony. The party contained many activities such as the Islamic "Arzan" competition, the "Anashed" singing contest, the Al-quran recitation contest, including gift exchange, games, a football match between the Ban Luemu village team and the Ban U-pey village team. This was the first time for such a party and many villagers participated in hosting the party and joined the activities.

(Photo: Dr. Has for 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: Dr. Has for 2Bangkok.com)

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