A few scenes from the Red Shirt rally

19:52 - Thaksin, in a pure white room, leads a candle-lighting ceremony in front of an image of the King.

Left: Thaksin bows (as is customary) to the image of the King after the singing of an anthem in the King's honor. Red Shirts at the Royal Plaza hold candles to honor the King.
19:07 - Thaksin, speaking in an emphatic, high-pitched voice, addresses the crowd. He is swaying back and forth as he speaks as if with pent up energy.

A few scenes from the rally - December 10, 2009

[Just to note that we posted this about today's rally since the English-language Thai media have all but ignored the last few Red Shirt rallies except for an article or two on the morning of the rally as if it had already occurred. There are certainly very few breaking news items about the Red rallies anymore in contrast to the breathless alerts of past years.]

Also: Meanwhile in Cambodia: Thousands in capital march for rights - VOA, December 12, 2009

17:42 - There must be some awesome photos to be had as photographers spent all afternoon standing behind the speakers getting the all-important "past the speaker into the crowd" shots.

17:40 - Royal Plaza filled with protesters

17:00 - A cappella singer sings a country music song about missing Thaksin and for the people to never forget what he did for them.

16:25 - Grainy police traffic cameras of Royal Plaza (above) and Phan Fa Bridge (below) at 16:25 showing the Red Shirt protesters occupying these areas.

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