Thaksin to receive $425 per month as Hun Sen advisor

Thaksin to receive $425 per month from the Cambodian government - Khmer Intelligence, November 24, 2009
...Following his appointment earlier this month as the 117th official adviser to Prime Minister Hun Sen, fugitive former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will receive a monthly salary of US$425 from the Cambodian government. Strangely enough, among the legion of Hun Sen's advisers, Thaksin has been given no special status such as "Senior Adviser" or "President of the Prime Minister's Advisory Council." He just seems to be "primus inter pares..."

Cambodia makes Thailand's Thaksin adviser: government - AFP, November 5, 2009
..."Thaksin has already been appointed by royal decree... as personal adviser to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and the adviser to the Cambodian government in charge of economy," said a government statement read on television.
"Allowing Thaksin to stay in Cambodia is virtuous behaviour...good friends need to help each other in difficult circumstances," it added...
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