Thaksin has been recently spotted in Cambodia

Thaksin has been recently spotted in Cambodia - KI, February 15, 2009
Four days ago, a number of opposition National Assembly members asked Prime Minister Hun Sen to confirm the presence in Cambodia, in January and/or February 2009, of Thailand's ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The presence of the foreign fugitive politician on Cambodian soil may have negative implications on relations with neighboring Thailand.
According to article 96 of the Constitution, Hun Sen must respond to the parliamentarians within seven days after receiving their letter.
Read the letter in Khmer at

Thaksin's V-day call - Straits Times, February 15, 2009
...Saturday's rally at a Buddhist temple outside Bangkok was billed as a fundraiser for Thaksin supporters, who still hold periodic rallies that have failed to muster significant crowds. Thaksin did not mention where he was calling from...

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