Protest letters concerning the ASEAN Summit

Protest letters concerning the ASEAN Summit - January 22, 2009
From a press release: Jackrapob Penkair and leaders of red shirt people will submit letters of protest to the embassies of nine ASEAN countries due to attend the summit: tomorrow, January 23rd, 10:00am at the Myanmar Embassy and 10:30am at the Singaporean Embassy. The rest of the countries are to be scheduled later.

Update: Here is the letter:
January 23rd , 2009
Ambassador of_____________;

Your great nation is a vital ingredient to the ASEAN framework, and the current chairmanship of Thailand depends on it. We thus appreciate your taking time to realize a political reality of Thailand today: the Thai government, the so-called Royal Thai Government led by Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, does not democratically represent the great people of Thailand. At the outlook, his coalition resembles the one with legitimate majority and seems politically qualified, but the very conception of such government can't be remotely considered democratic. A democratically-elected government, as you are well-aware, must be led by the party with majority, which in turn reflects the will of the people. "The Abhisit government" came into existence only because of the heavy maneuvering of undemocratic external forces, the ones that disregard the true will of the people and their rights for self-determination. Furthermore, the appointment of Kasit Piromya as Foreign Minister is an unbelievable act of recognizing a personality Thai people view as a terrorist, as he was a constant contributor to the seizure of both international airports of Thailand quite recently. In the eyes of most Thais, this government is politically handicapped. Such state of leadership should not be allowed to tamper with ASEAN's good works, especially as its Chair.

Therefore, we would like to officially address the problem to you, the respectable ASEAN partner, that the current Thai government is not well-regarded and not generally accepted by the people of the land. What to do and what gesture to be made are entirely up to you. Our civil duty is to inform you most directly of the will of the democratizing Thai citizens. We will continue to support the ASEAN framework. But we found it impossible to let a group of ill-conceived political appointees to represent us in there.

We the Thai people have full trust in your judgment. Thank you dearly for your kind attention.

(Mr. Jakrapob Penkair)
Former Minister of the Prime Minister's Office
Co-ordinator of the Red Shirt Movement

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