Silence golden for Tata?

Silence golden for Tata? - The Nation, August 16, 2008
...Five years ago, superstar Amita "Tata" Young had to apologise to the public just because she said: "I love this man and he loves me too."
Her candid revelation that she was seeing Thai tennis ace Paradorn Srichaphan sparked a controversy. She came under attack, as critics said she was not following the modest practices of the average Thai woman. She was in the spotlight simply because of her openness and her "un-Thai" behaviour.
Fast-forward to the year 2008, and things have come full circle: the public cannot stand the possibility of missing the latest developments in her relationship with her fiance Prem Busarakamwong. As rumours began to spread over the past few months that Prem was seeing someone else and that the two were no longer wearing engagement rings, Tata was followed and the public wanted her to speak her heart out.
She's likely feeling puzzled - once slammed for her openness, her silence now is not appreciated...

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