“Whose house?”

"Whose house?" - Thairath by Chai Ratchawat, March 25, 2007
Top left to right: Police from hell from Ban Mor police station [reference to a police officer you chopped off lady's arm who spurned him]
Ban Ua arethorn, before it belonged to poor people. [now it is being eaten by corruption allegations]
Stop stirring up trouble at Ban Khao Yai Tieng [Surayaud's house where he was accused of possessing a train carriage], come to stir up trouble at Ban Sisao [Prem’s house]
Bottom left to right: Carry money to buy a new house in England - 400 million baht [Thaksin's wife was granted permission to take 400 million baht out of Thailand to buy a house.]
Oh.. our home in the south.
The last house of politicians and officials who corrupt and cheat the nation. [a prison]

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