Tale of two newspapers: What Kosit said

Tale of two newspapers: What Kosit said
[It has been awhile since we found a "tale of two newspapers" story...]

Choose without fears for the economy, Kosit urges - The Nation, August 19, 2007
Deputy Prime Minister and Industry Minister Kosit Panpiemras yesterday urged the public to vote on the charter today with a free conscience, as the referendum outcome would not derail the economy from its 4-per-cent growth path...

Kosit: Economy depends on referendum - Bangkok Post, August 19, 2007
Economy will sustain growth of 4 and 5 per cent in 2007 and 2008 respectively if the draft constitution is approved during the national referendum on Sunday, paving the way for a general election, Kosit Panpiemras, deputy prime minister and industry minister said Saturday...

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