Klong Mass Transit

(Graphic: Bangkok Post, November 22, 1998)
The Klong Tramway was one of former Bangkok Governor Bhichit Rattakul's election promises--to build a tramway along a klong (canal) that would link up to the BTS Skytrain.

The plan was criticized for relying only on private investment in the same way the failed Hopewell project did. The cost (US$285 million) also seemed unrealistically low for a mass transit project and historians warned that the project would obstruct and change the character of a historic canal.

The Klong Tramway project died when Rattakul left office in 2000.

Fast Facts
Status: This project is defunct
Klong Tramway station list
Cost: $285 million
Route: along Klong Chong Nonsi and Rama III roads to the foot of the New Bangkok Bridge
Length: 12.5 km
Capacity: 250,000 people per day
Agencies responsible: BMA and the Office of the Commission for the Management of Road Traffic (OCMRT)
To be completed in 2 years
Stations: 14
To connect to the Skytrain at Sathorn Road

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