11 Years Ago: The Tak Bai Incident

Above: Thaksin addressing the nation on October 30, 2004 following the Tak Bai Incident.

The Tak Bai VCDs – October 30, 2004

PM says Post report ‘awful’ – Bangkok Post, October 31, 2004
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday slammed the Bangkok Post for damaging international confidence in Thailand’s democratic system with its report that southern Muslim religious and community leaders will ask for a royally-appointed government from His Majesty the King to replace his administration…

Nationalism & Right-wing Politics – 2004
[There are several mentions of the Tak Bai incident on this page. While pro-Thaksin groups have been successful in associating Thaksin with liberal democracy, in his heyday Thaksin embraced right-wing nationalism to temper the media, suppress criticism of the Tak Bai incident, and sanction hard-line action against separatism in the Thai deep south. Like most of his initiatives during the Thai Rak Thai years, this was generally popular with the public.]

A tale of two newspapers: Krue Se and Tak Bai reports ‘censored?’ – April 25, 2005

Editorial cartoon from the southern separatists – November 20, 2006

The outrage of Tak Bai – Bangkok Post, October 25, 2010
…The members of the Thaksin government and the army have strongly defended the actions against the demonstrators, and have rejected all claims of malfeasance or even errors during the violence or in transporting the prisoners. Under the military junta which ousted Thaksin, then-prime minister Surayud Chulanont travelled to Pattani and issued an apology. “What happened in the past was mostly the fault of the state,” he said. He announced several procedural changes in administration. Reparations were made to some families of the dead, and the government dropped the laughable charges of instigating the riot against 92 people who survived the violence…

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