2 murderers… 1 mastermind

From Manager, June 17, 2013
Caption: 2 murderers… 1 mastermind
Left cuffed man: Boonsong, who ordered you to kill? [Boonsong refers to Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom.]
Right cuffed man: The same person who gave you the order, Ai Ball.
On jute sack: Rice mortgage

[“Ball” is nickname of the driver of Akeyuth Anchanbutr. He confessed that he and his three friends abducted and murdered Akeyuth for money. Many suspect that the case is more complicated as Akeyuth has long been one of Thaksin’s fiercest critics who became a clearinghouse for damaging information on Thaksin and his activities. With the Pheu Thai in power, it is thought that it would be relatively easy to have Akeyuth liquidated and his anti-Thaksin websites shut down as the police have shown that they owe their allegiance to Thaksin and not the state.
In the cartoon Ball says that Commerce Minister Boonsong killed Thai rice because the very high priced rice made the crop lose its competitive advantage in the world market. This rabidly anti-Thaksin Manager cartoon implies that the “one mastermind” behind both “murders” is Thaksin.]

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