Photo collection of the bloody night of DAAD vs PAD

Photo collection of the bloody night of DAAD vs PAD - The bloody war of Thais - September 9, 2008
Civil strife and natural disasters in Thailand are instantly memorized (or capitalized upon) with hastily produced photo books. This practice goes back to the 1970s. The magazine on this page is being sold at the counter in Robinson's B2S bookstores. When purchasing this, the clerk asked another cashier, "are we allowed to sell this to a fa rang?" The cashier shrugged.

Boil the beans using the beans’ peels as fuel
The beans cry in the boiling water pot
All were born from the same sprouts
Why they burn such severe burn

Poem of Josit in Samkok (The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, China) - from the prelude of the Chinese novel "The Kinship war," translated by W. N. Muangloong

Close watch on the exciting moment of the clash between the DAAD and the PAD

The man's shirt reads: Vote no against the August 19th constitutional draft [this is a reference to the August 19, 2007 constitutional referendum]

On the back cover: Our country does not belong to one or two people
It is the country of everyone… avoid confrontation to solve the problem
as for the problem existed that when it occurs the word “bloody crazy” is used
when persons lose consciousness,
they end up fighting without explainable reasons
and know what problem they are to solve
but know only they have to win
and only who wins. There is no way. This is risk and there is only loss.
All lose.. those who encounter lose.
Overall the country loses
- His Majesty King ’s speech delivered on May 20th, 1992
Produced by the Variety Media Company

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