Police reveal 78 names involved in supporting the PAD

Police reveal 78 names involved in supporting the PAD - Companies-brands-persons all involved - Thai Insider, December 15, 2008

78 companies, brands, and suspected groups of people believed to be involved in granting support to PAD - The name list has been submitted to Police General Prateep already

The security personnel police headquarters reveals on December 14, 2008 that the report has been sent to the Acting National Police Chief (Police-Inspector) Police General Prateep Tonprasert of the lists of brands of private companies and private entrepreneurs, groups of people, persons, who are believed to be involved in granting support to the PAD.

According to the list they are

1. The Sahapattanapibul Company (MAMA)
2. Pao detergent powder
3. Lipon F and Lipon lemon dish-washing liquid
4. Hi-Class products
5. Pro detergent powder
6. Kincho mosquito killer products
7. Cli fight cleaner liquid
8. Pro dish washing liquid
9. Hana air freshener perfume
10. Luk detergent products
11. Kodomo products
12. St. Andrew products
13. Salt toothpaste
14. Shogobutsou Mononkatari
15. Systema
16. Flore herbal soap
17. I-New mother  skin care cream
18. Hi-herb (BSC)
19. Mitr Phol granule sugar
20. Racha Oyster sauce
21. Shomi pickled veggie
22. Lotte
23. Nischin biscuit
24. The Preserved Food Organization Product
25. Nisshin Noodle
26. Aroy Dee Coconut milk
27. Prung Thip salt
28. Mong Fleur mineral water
29. Kung King for me product
30. Quick Chef product
31. Richess product
32. Mae Baan product
33. Pooh product
34. Hi-healthy Q-Ten diet supplementary product
35. Bionic facial foam
36. Ocha Balance high-nutrient Wafer
37. BSC facial tissue
38. Wang Yen milk
39. Misu fruit juice
40. Mogu fruit juice
41. Misteen deodorant
42. Misteen powder
43. Panstar shoe
44. Sara medicine product
45. Thai Airways International
46. Chang Beer
47. JIT Pochana Restaurant (B-Care Hospital owner)
48. Bangkok Bank
49. Kasikorn Bank
50. Muang Thai Insurance Company (Mr. Phothipong Lumsum)
51. Muang Thai Insurance Company (Mrs. Nuanpan Lumsum)
52. Rangsit University
53. Bangkok Hospital
54. J-Press
55. Ekpailin River Kwai Kanchanaburi
56. Pao M-Wash
57. Wat Dong Moon Lhek beef noodle
58. Siang Pure Oil
59. G-Net
60. IEC
61. Kuang Meng Thai sweet bean crisp

The group of people are
62. Nawarat Pongpaiboon
63. The Democrat Party
64. The 40 senator group and Mrs. Rosana Tositrakul
65. Mr. Kamon Kamoltrakul, columnist and academic
66. NGO Academic, former senator group and former ministers during the CNS-led government
67. Prof. Krirkkiat Pipatsereetham
68. Mrs. Jeeranan Prasertkul
69. Mr. Nimitr Tienudom, Director-General of the AIDS Access Foundation
70. Mr. Chatchawal Thongdeelert
71. Mr. Apichart Thongyoo
72. Mr. Paiboon Watanasiritham
73. Dr. Poldet Pinprateep
74. Mr. Prapan Koonmee
75. Mr. Witoon Koonmee
76. Mr. Surapon Nitikraipon, Chancellor of the Thammasat University
77. Mr. Parinya Thewanarutmitrakul, Deputy Chancellor on Student  Affairs, Thammasat University
78. The State Enterprises Workers' Union

A source reveals that Deputy National Police Chief  Police General Jongrak Chuthanont said in an interview that the list of people granting financial support  to the PAD will be submitted to the Anti-Money Laundering Office for further investigation. This is in regards to the International Airports seizure that is considered as international terrorism and involved with money-laundering activities.

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