UDD Surprise Raid on Privy Council President’s House

UDDerly rudderless in mindless violence - Bangkok Post, July 28, 2007
...At the time of the April Fool's Day coup by Gen Sant Chitpatima in 1981, the Bangkok Post ran a picture of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on the occasion of her birthday on April 2. For fear of being closed down by the coup leaders, the paper did not identify her whereabouts and printed only that portion of the photograph which showed the Princess. Fifty-six hours later when Gen Prem's forces had recaptured the capital, the Post reprinted the same picture, in full, showing the Princess standing with Gen Prem at the army barracks in Korat, where the general had been safeguarding the Royal Family...
So, if Mr Musikapong thinks he can institute a case of lese majeste against Pa Prem, he should think again. The matter could very likely rebound on him. His mor doo should hasten to remind him of his past for the sake of his future--unless he thinks that a royal pardon might be as forthcoming this time around as it did in 1988.
As for Full Moon, the man positively thrills to his moment in history, eyes all agleam and baying at the microphones as he waves pictures of bloodied people. He claims the atrocities were committed ''not by policemen, not by soldiers, but by savages... We're going to show these snaps to the UN Human Rights Commission. We want the whole world to know.'' Certainly. And while he's at it he should not forget to add that it was his protesters who were behaving like barbarians at the gate to Pa Prem's house, hounding the elderly statesman.


Police urge holding 9 key anti-coup protesters - TNA, July 26, 2007
Claiming that police intelligence officers have sufficient information that anti-coup protesters plan to march on Privy Council president and former prime minister Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda's residence and create unrest again Friday, police Thursday urged Thailand's Criminal Court to issue warrants of detention for nine leading demonstrators...

Key anti-coup protesters acknowledge charges - TNA, July 26, 2007
They were charged with holding an illegal gathering of more than 10 persons which led to disturbances in the capital, instigating unrest and obstructing police. The nine denied all the charges against them...

Stoppage time :It's time to rethink what 'mob rules' we can accept - The Nation, July 25, 2007
...Analysts have rightly pointed out that the military junta emerged triumphant following Sunday's confrontation because more policemen were wounded than protesters, and because no evidence surfaced in the media of any demonstrator having been assaulted. The analysts were also right in saying that it would have been a very big blow to the junta if a protester had been beaten up or shot at.
The conventional "mob rules" have been applied in both analyses. It's nobody's fault because this has long been the case for Thailand. "Demonstrations" mean nothing unless someone gets killed. Only violence can force quick political change and peaceful rallies are just for losers. Why a protest takes place is not as important to the media as whether it will put conflicting parties on a bloody collision course...

Earlier from the Thai-language press: Mission to scatter mob - War room hunting 11 leading members - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, July 24, 2007
A national security unit expected the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD) group to attempt to besiege the residence of Privy Council President Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda on July 22 in a bid to press him to resign. However, no one ever expected the extent of the march outside Gen. Prem’s house.
About 10,500 anti-coup protestors marched on the statesman’s residence and demanded his resignation as president of the Privy Council. The police negotiated with leaders of the group. The negotiation only led to more violence. The police then announced a plan to arrest eleven leading DAAD members.
At night a man called a Council of National Security figure, asking him why the demonstration was formed at the house of Gen. Prem. The figure then told the police to use force. Then the mob scattered.

(Source: hi-thaksin.net)

Above: "People who are victims of the cruel dictatorship."

From Hi-Thaksin.net - July 23, 2007
The Thaksin mouthpiece site Hi-Thaksin.net is doing its best to capitalize on the events of Sunday. From Monday to Tuesday they had the above photos on their website. From Wednesday the site had the graphic below.
At the top it says "who?" or, as it would be interpreted, "who do you think you are?" This is meant to question Prem's status and comparing his activities to those of royalty.
With Thaksin football club buyout complete, we can expect to see another round of high-tension politics and rumors along with well-timed public comments by Thaksin. This would be an attempt to sway current events in the lead up to the constitution referendum.
The new political groupings do not seem to want to be involved so far. Perhaps they are waiting to see how things turn out. However, many of the former TRT-associated politicians may not want to derail the present roadmap back to elected government. They are more than willing to make a deal with the military in a future government--it may even suit them better than being under Thaksin's occasionally reform-minded control.

(Source: hi-thaksin.net)

(Photo: Breeze - from Pantip.com)

Press release from UDD Thailand - July 23, 2007

Photos from the protesters' point of view
- July 24, 2007
Dan writes: Attached picture is one picture that touch my heart and want to share

Pantip.com seems to be the locus of anti-junta threads this week (including this one with photos from the protesters point of view) --and the "rumors" of last week.

Quite a few anti-protester comments have been posted on the 2Bangkok forum here including excerpts from some of the tough article/editorials from Manager.

Anti-coup mob goes berserk - The Nation, July 23, 2007
Barrage of missiles hits home; Sonthi says 'no' to martial law, but warns tough measures will be considered...

Prem targeted in violent attack - The Nation, July 23, 2007
Barrage of missiles hits home; Sonthi says 'no' to martial law, but warns tough measures will be considered...

Police, protesters clash outside Prem's home - Bangkok Post, July 23, 2007
Eight rally leaders will be arrested, police say

(Source: GoogleEarth)

Surrounding Prem's house
16:58 - Manager: Protesters are making a stage in front of Prem's house. There is no word on how long the protest will last.
16:18 - The Nation: Anti-coup protesters surround Prem's house
15:42 - The Nation: Protesters break through police barricade

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