Troubles in the South – February 2007

Troubles in the South - February 2007
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PM asks CNS to stop bomb attack rumors circulating in Bangkok - Gen. Sonthi in discussions with five senior officers - People should take care over March 13 BRN anniversary - First Army Region to employ '149 Pattani' strategy to counter attack threats - translated and summarized from Matichon, February 27, 2007 
Prakit Prachonpanjanuek - Secretary of the Council for National Security (CNS) office - and Gen. Wipoj Srinuan - Director of the National Intelligence Agency – met Prime Minister Gen. Surayud Chulanont for discussions at 10:00 am yesterday. It was later rumored that there might be further bomb attacks in Bangkok. Gen. Surayud told the media that no signs of further Bangkok bombings had as yet been forthcoming.
The Prime Minister called on the general public to fully cooperate with each other, in order to provide mutual security. He also called on the public not to automatically believe in every rumor. He commented that bomb attacks were a modern worldwide threat, and called on Thai citizens to help restore foreign confidence in Thailand by ensuring the maximum security possible for visiting foreigners.
At the Royal Thai Army (RTA) HQ at 2:00 pm yesterday, Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin - the RTA Commander-in-Chief and Chairman of the CNS – held discussions with five senior army officers. The officers included Gen. Paisarn Katanyu, Gen. Saprang Kalayanamitr, Gen. Anupong Paojinda and Gen. Montri Sangkasap. The assembled officers discussed national security issues, and especially the rumors of further insurgent attacks in Bangkok. [Is it ‘insurgent’ or ‘criminal’?]
First Army Region Commander Lt. Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha also gave a media interview about the rumors of attacks on March 13. He said that security units had not been informed of any impending attacks in Bangkok. However, he added that the authorities were increasing their security presence on the grounds that insurgents often mount attacks during festivals. The RTA will employ its ‘149 Pattani’ strategy to cope with any arising security threats.
A source from a southern-based security unit has disclosed an RTA discovery that southern insurgents are smuggling large quantities of explosives into the Kingdom from neighboring countries. The source also disclosed that the authorities were expecting a major attack sometime on, or after, February 25.
The source also said that ten insurgents are believed to have entered Bangkok to mount attacks on important locations in the capital and its suburbs between March 13 and 15. These attacks would be used to commemorate the March 13 anniversary of the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) insurgent movement’s foundation.
Police Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan recently informed the media that significant progress had been made in the investigations of the nine-location Bangkok New Year’s Eve bombings; with the expectation that ‘good news’ would be announced soon.
Minister of the Interior Gen. Boonrawd Somthat has also commented that concrete moves to solve the southern unrest have only recently got under way. He added that, “Putting the right men in the right jobs’ was a highly important component of his peace strategy.
In Songkhla Province at 0:30 am yesterday, police in Saba Yoi District found the badly-burnt corpse of an unknown man - aged between 26 and 30 years old - lying by the roadside.
In Yala Province at 11:05 am yesterday, a bomb exploded on the Route 410 Than To - Betong highway at Ban Hrae Commune Village 1 in Than To District. Private Mesa Tansen was slightly injured by shrapnel.
At 7:00 pm yesterday, insurgents set fire to a public telephone kiosk on a street in front of Ban Khlong Maning School in Pattani Province’s City District. The kiosk was completely destroyed.


Kom Chad Luek, February 20, 2007 - Sonthi said he knew in advance that the southern insurgents would make turmoil at Chinese New Year - Bomb - Burn - 6 dead. More than 50 injured. Electricity went out in Pattani.

(Photo: Dr. Has for

(Photo: Dr. Has for

(Photo: Dr. Has for

Dr. Has reports: On February 18 at 19:00 bombs exploded in many places in four southern provinces. The above photos are at Sriyala Hotel. The insurgents planted the bomb inside the hotel, but the officer noticed this and moved the bomb in front of the hotel and after that it exploded. No one was injured.

Matichon, February 19, 2007
Black: Turmoil in 40 points in 4 southern provinces, 2 die.
Red: Broadcast through the satellite - Set up TRT T.V. - Claimed will be available in the time of no democracy.

Thairath, February 19, 2007
Black: Southern thieves create heavy turmoil. Attack city. 4 provinces are in commotion.
Green right top: Pratep [the Thai Princess] went to Chinese New Year in Yaowaraj
Green middle left: Vital, not rotten - The dead body of Luangpor (Monk) Uttama
Green right lower: Poll 78% agree to get the satellite back [referring to the Shin Corp satellite]
Krungtepturakit, February 19, 2007
Disposing of a bomb - The officers are disposing of a bomb found inside the toilet of Betong Plaza Department store, Yala. It is found that the insurgents wrapped the bomb in plastic and covered it with black tape, then left in a garbage bin.

Government leaflets for the deep south - February 23, 2007
Mom, who burned my school?
Dad, who shot my teacher?
Militants want to destroy children.
They don’t want Thai children to have a bright future
We all have to protect each other. Don’t let wicked people destroy our village and community, particularly schools where children study. Don’t let them burn schools. These people are destroying our society without thinking of children. Let’s condemn vicious and immoral acts and inform government officials of irregularities we see.
The Fourth Internal Security Operations Command and the Civilian-Police-Military Task Force, Sirindhorn military camp, Amphoe Yarang, Pattani Province. Tel: 1341, 1881, 0-7326-2572
Take religious lessons to be a good person
Study to have a good career
With religious lessons and knowledge, children will be good people and have good careers.
Education is essential to children and youths. With education, they will have knowledge which they can use some day when they grow up. They learn religious teachings from religious lessons and have knowledge for further education. Vocational lessons equip children with skills and knowledge they will use when they work.
Parents should support their children’s education as it will make them good people and provide them knowledge, so that they will have good careers in the future.
The Fourth Internal Security Operations Command and the Civilian-Police-Military Task Force, Sirindhorn military camp, Amphoe Yarang, Pattani Province. Tel: 1341, 1881, 0-7326-2572

Krungthepturakit, February 23, 2007 - Strictly guard: The special military 11 of Yala set a checkpoint to strictly guard in front of a filling gas factory on Banning Yala Road, Amphur Muang Yala not far from the Southland Rubber Company that was burned on February 20.

Manager, February 22, 2007 - Burnt: the insurgents burned the godown of the Southland Rubber Company, Yala. It burned more than 15 hours and caused more than 100 million baht damage.

(Photo: Dr. Has for

Smoke from the southern fire - February 20, 2007
Dr. Has reports: On February 20, the insurgents use bottle bombs filled with gasoline and threw them at a rubber factory at Tasap, Amphur Muang, Yala. This photo is of smoke from the fire from about 10 kilometers away.

(Photo: Dr. Has for

Almost like being there "Arsuro Day" - February 18, 2007
Dr. Has reports: From January 20-March 16, 2007 is the month of Muhumrum of Arab calendar. This is the first month and there is the important day, Arsuro day. People in the three southern border will make Arsuro preserves with the ingredients of rice, beans, raw bananas, pumpkins, potatoes, sugar, coconut milk, mixed together and stirred for 3-4 hours. Nowadays this tradition was gradually forgotten, but some government organizations see the importance of this tradition so they organize the Arsuro Relations. In this photo is the Arsuro preserving ceremony of Ban Luemu School, Amphur Krongpinang, Yala. Both parents and student stir together.


Almost like being there: Giving aid - February 13, 2007
Report from Pattani: On February 13 in Tambon Bangpoo community, Amphur Yaring, Pattani, Panu Uthairat, Pattani Governor, with the officers of the Red Cross of Pattani, were chairpersons for the project to give houses and aid to people who suffer from the situation in the three southern provinces. This is appreciated by the people effected.

(Photo: Dr. Has for

Almost like being there: Bombed electric poles - February 5, 2007
Dr. Has reports: Photos of electric pole and base of electric pole that was bombed on the night of February 5. These have been repaired already. These are on the Ban Nieng-Yaha Road, Amphur Muang, Yala.

(Photo: Dr. Has for

Malaysia fears Thai 'terror camps' -, February 8, 2007
Malaysia's foreign minister has warned that regional Islamic terrorist groups could take advantage of troubles in Thailand's southern provinces to set up bases in the region...

South Thai and Bangkok Alert for Attack - Prensa Latina, March 14, 2007
[Cuban reporting of the Thai deep south situation]
... Military and police forces of this Indo Chinese country are adopting drastic measures to guarantee security in the southern provinces, including increased searches of citizens and an order to close businesses in tourist areas.
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