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Right: PTV billboard near the Din Daeng expressway on-ramp.
It reads: Join to create democracy with true news and information
24 hours news station via satellite
PTV - TV for people
News that is news, every detail is accurate, not distorted
Open the station on March 1
Member subscription: call 0-2934-9000

May 9, 2007 - PTV billboards are gone. There was no promised protest Sunday night.

PTV protests on May 19-20

PTV protest on April 27

PTV protest on April 8

PTV protest on March 30

PTV protest on March 23

PTV website


PTV protests nothing more than a masquerade - The Nation, April 11, 2007
...It's laughable that people like Chakrapob Penkair, Veera Musigapong and Chatuporn Prompan, among the most ardent supporters of former prime minister Thaksin and now PTV executives, expect people to suddenly consider them media professionals the moment they take off their Thai Rak Thai label. And they want the world to believe that if they are singing Thaksin's praises today, they are doing it as journalists and not as his political stooges...

PTV waits to learn its fate - The Nation, March 19, 2007

PTV in debut blackout mystery - The Nation, March 18, 2007

PTV to go on air Wednesday - The Nation, February 24, 2007
... "I feel great. Let us not be afraid of them. Return our democracy and reveal the truth that Thaksin and Thai Rak Thai were not wrong," a supporter shouted in jubilation...

Treat PTV the same as ASTV, Abhisit tells govt - The Nation, February 22, 2007
...PTV was started by ex-Thai Rak Thai members after key party figures, including caretaker leader Chaturon Chaisang, visited people in the Northeast over the weekend, while ASTV is part of media firebrand Sondhi Limthongkul's Manager Group.
Thai Day Dot Com Co, the operator of ASTV, has filed a criminal lawsuit against the Public Relations Department, alleging that it abused its powers when questioning ASTV's legal status.
The Administrative Court granted ASTV's request for an injunction to stop authorities from taking it off the air while the court is considering its petition...

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