High tension in Thailand – March-April 2007

Bangkok authorities alerted to infiltrating protesters - TNA, April 16, 2007
Senior police, army and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) officials met urgently on Monday on ways to prevent demonstrators heading to the capital and holding rallies against the Council for National Security (CNS) and the military-installed government of Prime Minister Gen. Surayud Chulanont...
Result of the PAD's meeting - translated and summarized from Matichon, April 11, 2007

The People's Alliance for Democracy met. They demand the PM to examine his role after their meeting on April 10.
- They insist the PM not cooperate with thaksin and cooperate with the investigation of thaksin.
- They wonder why the PM supports iTV.
- They question if government ministers get benefits from the "old power" [the former Thaksin government]
- They wonder why the government takes no action against those who are impolite to The King.
- The PM must explain to the people and prove himself to solve the crisis of nation caused by Thaksin.
- The PM must move seriously stop corruption and reform the media.
- They wonder why the PM supports the Japanese free trade pact and does not address the farmers' debt problem or the problem or multinational businesses like Tesco that hurt small businesses.
The PRD demands the CNS, the government, and draft constitution committee address these problems.
If the PM cannot do this he must resign.

Above: Kom Chad Luek, March 25, 2007 showing CCTV footage and the alleged suspects turning themselves in.

'Suspects' pick up the pieces - The Nation, April 7, 2007
...Pratya, a Nakhon Ratchasima native, said his total income from his many businesses had dropped by about 70 per cent after he became "the bomb suspect in the public eye". He owns a restaurant and a music studio where bands practise, and both businesses are now facing financial trouble.
His new business - claiming rights to open cargo containers - had to end because now he, as a partner, has a criminal record - a legal condition forbidding it to go on. "The Bt300,000 monthly income I should have got from it is now gone," he said.
Pratya, 32, is a freelance songwriter, an amateur music producer and a webmaster, who now runs www.fafadd.com (struck by lightning) as a channel for the public to lodge their complaints about unfair treatment by authorities or to provide tips-off about crime. The site contains a section dubbed "The Look-alikes" that carries a story about him and Yutthaphong being misidentified by police. He plans to publish a book, "True Man", which will also describe his experiences from police accusing him of being a bomber...

Phone booth bombing - April 10, 2007
Where have all Pa Prem's 'sons' gone? - Bangkok Post, April 9, 2007
...Some might wonder how the group dares to challenge such a highly respected and influential figure as Pa Prem. Who are their backers? In particular, who finances them? There have already been suspicions expressed that the group might have received funding from certain elements in the old power clique. Another explanation is that the government is just too weak and incompetent to deal with such a protest...

Media mogul receives two-year jail sentence for defamation - CPJ Press Freedom, March 30, 2007
“The prison term handed down to Sondhi Limthongkul shows the pressing need for Thailand to abolish criminal defamation statutes and to revise its criminal...

6 Months Later Thailand Remains in Political Limbo - Fox News, March 28, 2007
[This is a dreadful Googlized article--apparently written by Googling the subject and patching the info (some of it wrong) together.]
...Thailand is in the middle of a yearlong celebration to mark King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 60th anniversary on the throne, and the whole government district is covered with dramatic Thai artwork and pictures of the king...

Get Out !! The Coup maker - March 27, 2007
New anti-coup blog: Its suck !!! the coup maker blocked the websites their live from Sanamluang Square everyday and try to stop the protest by collaborate with the Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayothin. Before day, Bangkok gov. was try to bar the protester groups and claim that Sanamluang Square to be use in week of "Thai folk sport Show". Its very suck !!! Nobody care about that anymore !!! The country will be explode tomorrow ............

"Love Papa Prem" - Krungtepturakit, March 22, 2007
Love Pa Prem: The group of samlor (tricycle drivers in Songkhla) join with more than 1000 Songkhla residents to give moral support for Gen. Prem Tinlasulanon, Chairperson of the Privy Councilor and a statesman, after a group of anti-coup people come to assault Gen. Prem as a person who was supposedly behind the seizing back of power [from Thaksin].
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