English lyrics to the Square-face Song

English lyrics to the Square-face Song - April 10, 2006
English lyrics to the anti-Thaksin song... Overall, it is a nasty attack on all of the alleged failings of Thaksin, a listing of negative rumors about his family, and an attempt to blame TRT allies as well.

Ai Na Liam
["Na Liam" means "Square Face" - A square has fours sides or corners - "Liam" also means "trick"]

A square has four sides, Mr. shameless face is AI Na Liam
The Singapore's follower, the Singapore follower, he will go to hell for he is not humble.
AI Na Liam Na Liam Na Liam , his followers fawn over
Mr. Na Liam is a mixed breed person, speak Thai mixed with English. He seems showy!

The opposite party gathers to boycott, people are against him because he still shameless. Shameless and not a gentleman, he is afraid to revealed the secret so he dissolves parliament.

AI Na Liam, Na Liam. He distributed new bank notes for people to go to the ballot. Some fake election card are mixed so he got 19 million votes.
He was chased, but he didn't quit. He answer people whom ask him to quit with "he will quit in the next life."
He sold all of Shin Corp and the nation. He grabbed country for his mom and dad's descendants.

Oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam [meaning a "trick"] Oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam

AI Na Liam Na Liam. He bought power with money. He gathers to float the baht, caused the nation's economy turmoil because he stored the dollars.
If the law has a loophole, he involved to trade through it.
When the secret disclosed, he hired the lawyer, but he forget to tell him to speak morally.
He bought the land for profit, he knew inside information that it will have BTS.
The policy benefits he, his family, descendants and servants to be rich.
Import goods come into Thailand market because he opened free trade with I. P. Star.
He acted as a business mafia, caused corruption, and ordered kidnappings.

Square face has 4 sides, Mr. shameless face is AI Na Liam.
Follower of Singapore, will go to hell, not be a humble person.
AI Na Liam, Na Liam Na Liam, just thinking about tricks and not eat food. When he is hungry, he eats the airwaves, post office, electricity authority.
For snacks, he eats longan fruit with TPI or the young plant [this probably refers to rubber plants]
He took PTT shares for Oak [his son] and Or [his wife] at Jansongmah. [the name of his house is Jansongla, but for the song they change the last word to "mah" meaning "dog"]

AI Na Liam, Na Liam, Na Liam, just thinking about the tricks, doesn't fully sleep.
Be engrossed in CTX, then forgets the sex that he likes.
He worried about Ample Rich, then he forgets to slip the zip after he pees.
He worry about his destiny and if that his assets assets be seized.

Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
AI Na Liam Na Liam Na Liam, Populism Na Liam is so favored!
Village fund loans make people have debts. Payments to the Bank of Agriculture and Cooperative are paused, but people still have money to buy mobile phones.
The deceptive Eua-Arthon house worse quality than if people build the house by themselves.
For selling drug, he ordered to commit murders, because he is afraid of the secrets that will be disclosed about the chief.
30 baht cures all diseases, diabetes, bird-flu--just take a paracetamol tablet.
When his destiny is not good, he plays drama and act like a prostitute, hugs many people and pretends to cry.

A square has four sides, Mr. Shameless is Mr. Na Liam.
Follower of Singapore, will go to hell, not be a humble person.
AI Na Liam, Na Liam, Na Liam, very tricky, brazen, shameless, so cheating.
Put the money for the constitutional court and orders not to rule on hiding shares.
The amoral independent organizations, he orders his follower to arrange.
And bribe the corrupt government officers, the ones who favor him will be promoted faster.

AI Na Liam, Na Liam, Na Liam, AI square face tyrant, he acted very arrogantly.
He wants to be a hero, disgusting person. Wants to compare status to the privy councilor
He spoke impolite to the King, impudent to set up the patriarch disguised as a monk.

Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
AI Na Liam Na Liam Na Liam. AI Nazi Na Liam who is liar.
Lied that thieves in the south were arrested. Good people died and also were accused.
He said he is good, but he cheated the tax and let his son to face the case.
He said he followed the role, but if he is at a disadvantage, he amended the rule.
He will buy Liverpool, Fullam, he lied with other news to cover his bad things.
He look down on ratification, but he wrote another one and said he had prepared.
He said he will conquer corruption, but he was corrupt more than that.

He said he had Dhamma when he was found the guilty.
He said "Tathata" [This means, it that there is birth and death and all is just natural.]

A square has 4 sides, Mr. Shameless is Mr. Na Liam.
Follower of Singapore, will go to hell, not be a humble person.
AI Na Liam, Na Liam, his face has sides more than geometry.
His sister also has a big stomach [meaning corrupt], less brain, fakes a vocation education degree to further study in university.
His daughter is quite dull, cheats on exam and still gets a bad grade.
His son has low IQ and wears black eyeglasses because he is a drug addict.
His wife cheats and is not humble. She walked at the Emporium and was abused by people.
He has lots of guilt since the case of monk land to the mega project.
At night, he might worry and needs injection to make him sleep.
He may be neurotic and may be nude cause trouble with the advertising sign.

Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
AI Na Liam, Na Liam, if we let him trick to next term.
Thailand may be a secret jail which is the army base of USA.
Singapore will come into the country and be arrogant without having to have a visa [to enter].
A Khmer black magician will be rich and spell the magical word when bad things get in the parliament.
He may take money from the fund and give loans for the Myanmar economy.
Thailand may be taken to the share market and sold at 1 baht per share. And he will say it is par price.
He may permit Ar Koo to change the national anthem and get a copyright for this life and the next life.
Hitler is reborn and who has a son named Puangthongta.

A square has 4 sides, Mr. Shameless is Mr. Na Liam.
Follower of Singapore, will go to hell, not be a humble person.
[This is a chant with a long list of people and businesses alleged to be supporting Thaksin] Suriya Juengrungroengkit - Surakiat - Somkid - Kongsak Wantana, Chidchai Wannasatit - Ai Samak - Dusit - Wisanu - Wassana [Election Comission] - Suwan Walaisatun [actually his name is Walaisatien, but it is changed to Walaisatun... "satun" means "bad" - Walaisatien is targeted because he explained Thaksin's selling of Shin Corp] - Thammarak Issarangkool Na Ayuthaya, Sunee Sinthudeja, Thanong Pittaya - Yongyuth- Yaowapa - Suranand - Sukwit, Sunai - Supap Klikrajai - Sutham - Sitha Suchat - Suwit - Suwat- Jey Noi Sudarat - Suchon - Sonthaya Kunpleum, but I don't favor him because I don't forget that his father kills who? [Sonthaya Lunpleum is the son of Somchai Kunpleum or Kamnan Por, head of subdistrict Por--a mafia figure in Chonburi who is being sought by authorities]

Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
Adisorn - Adisai - Arisaman - Newin - Yuranand - Laddawan - Wattana - Pongpon - Jaturon Chaisaeng - Mr. Rung Kaewdaeng - Somchai - Suchada, Mr. Padung Limcharoenrat - Mr. Wanmuhamad Normatha - Phutham - Pongsak - Prommin - Phokin - Pongthem Themkanjana - Surapong Suebwongli
Thongthong - Kantati - Sutep - Orathai Thanajaro - Bawornsak Suwanno - Pracha - Rabiebrat - Sermsak - Somsak- Priewphan - Chaipak- Jakrapob - Pawina- Pinij Jarusombat - Sora-at- Sorayuth Suthasanajinda.

Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
Oh-Ai, oh-Ai, Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam
Warathep Ratanakorn, Wira - Danuporn - Prayuth - Parinya - Mingkwan Saengsuwan - Pansak - Jakapan - Sansanee - Preecha - Ura Daitaewang Sophon Petchsawang - Boonkli - Lalita - Plodprasop Surassawadi who opened the Night Safari to be a cemetery of wild animals - Na hathai - Chaiyasit - Ittipon - Sukhum - Kamon - Sumitta - Sujinda - Jamlong Krutkhuntod - Sirikorn - Bunpod - Wichai - Wittaya.
Channel 9, ITV, Ch.7, Ch.3, Ch.5, UBC CP, Seven, Tiger, Heineken.

Earlier: "Square face" song - March 31, 2006
The Nation points out the "Square Face" song on the Manager site.
TRT asks composer to reveal name, get sued - Bangkok Post, March 30, 2006
Ai Khon Na Liam, or Square-Faced Man, a satirical song about caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his friends which has become the talk of the town, was played at Thai Rak Thai headquarters yesterday by two groups with different goals in mind...
''After listening to the song and analysing the lyrics, we have come to the view that the composer defamed the people mentioned in the song. The writer should expect to receive a libel lawsuit,'' said Chusak Sirinil, a lawyer working for the party...
Party deputy spokesman Chatuporn Prompan said the song was rude and insolent and the composer, who used the pseudonym Suwaron, should reveal his name so the party's legal team knew who to target...
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