More coverage of the protests: What is on Thai TV now?

What is on Thai TV now? - 7:54 am, March 14, 2006
Until recently TV stations remained largely silent on the political protests against the government (for instance coverage of the first march on government house). On March 6, the army ordered its television station to begin covering the protests (Army chief orders Channel 5 to cover anti-Thaksin protest - The Nation, March 6, 2006). Especially this week Thai TV in general has been presenting more and more coverage of the government opposition activities. Some have interpreted this as a sign that the Prime Minister'
s influence over the broadcast media is waning. What is Thai broadcast television showing at 7:54 am?

Channel 9 - Protest coverage

Channel 11 - Protest coverage

iTV - Protest coverage

Channel 3 - 12 minutes of commercials, then coverage of the protest at 8:00 am

Channel 5 - Protest coverage

Channel 7 - Channel 7 inserted a live feed of the protest into its regular morning programming
Contrast this with the coverage of the first march on government house

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