Editorial cartoons by Zeer

Editorial cartoons by Zeer
These editorial cartoons are from Thairath's Zeer. They are from a new collection of Zeer cartoons, Political Record.

This cartoon is circa-2002. The man is Chalerm Yoobamrung whose two sons have been involved in altercations and a shooting of a police officer in nightclubs in the past.
At the top it reads: Follow the saying – if you love your cow, keep it fastened (tied up). If you love you children, go and find them at the night pubs”
Words on the marquee in the background: Places of allurements destroying the country's future.
The plate on the girl’s bodies: Drug addicted, sexual abuse

Needing to rethink and choose again [from Thaksin's first term as PM - the mysterious explosion on the plane he was to fly on]

Birthday cake – Village Fund [Another cartoon from Thaksin's first term as PM. This is perhaps his most troubling action to the establishment--1 million baht pay outs at the village level. This circumvented the entire hierarchical chain of the bureaucracy and gained great popularity for the TRT and Thaksin.]

Arresting powerful thief – Thai Jasmine rice, stolen by the USA [this refers to an incident in 2001 when US scientists attempted to patent a type of jasmine rice.]

It reads: Money + women or religious parasite - [on the monk’s fan] Refrain from secular temptation. [The woman, the men are attempting to bring valuable assets to give to the monk to corrupt him. This is a cartoon from around 2000 alluding to many religious scandals at the time.]

It reads: They are powerful when they are alive. But, it’s ok, let’s retaliate against them when they are dead
Written on the bodies: MP Chor is obsessed with sex - MP Samai Sanun is obsessed with sex
[The picture shows MPs receiving punishment after death. It is Thai Buddhists’ belief that people who misbehaved in their relationships have to face a punishment where they are forced to climb unceasingly on trees covered with thorns. If they are to climb down, there is a team of punishers using tridents to poke them.]

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