Your behavior is worse than interference

From Thairath, October 26, 2018
Title: Your behavior is worse than interference
From the tablet with Thaksin on it, an announcer says: Gives an interview with Japanese media about the politics from a person who is far away
On men’s suits at left: Pheu Thai
Center Deputy PM Prawit: Dissolve the party [meaning the junta is calling on the Pheu Thai to be dissolved because of Thaksin’s involvment]
On PM Prayut’s hand: Tu Digital [referring to the PM’s social media accounts]
On the bag at right: National budget used for campaigning [meaning the government is allowing taxpayer money to be used to support the campaigning of pro-junta political parties]
On a sign held by a man with glasses on the right: Four ministers under the PPP [the Phalang Pracharat Party; meaning several current government ministers are also executives of pro-military political parties]
On a sign held by a man with glasses on the right: No resigning, no shame, and don’t care [meaning the government ministers who are are also part of pro-junta political parties should resign so there is not conflict of interest]
On a sign held by hooded man: Carry out a campaign through the election of the party’s leader [the cartoonist uses this figure to represent the Democrat Party to call attention to those who died during the 2010 protests in Bangkok, contending the protesters were peaceful and only wanted democracy and that the Democrat Party wanted them to die; here the figure is openly campaigning despite a political ban which refers to the Democrat Party leadership battle that critics contended violated the political ban]
Phi Nooring: Being furious since the case of “clung to the table.” [Thaksin recently mocked Deputy PM Prawit by saying he “clung to the table” meaning he begged for his post of army chief from Thaksin.]
Mouse: Too much bulling

[This cartoon refers to the Election Commission’s warning that the Pheu Thai Party could be dissolved if it were found to have let Thaksin interfere with its internal affairs.
The EC’s reaction came after Deputy Prime Minister Prawit called on the agency to look into Thaksin’s interview with the Japanese media about how the Pheu Thai Party would fare in the upcoming elections.
The cartoon contends that the military and the the junta are interfering more in party political far more than Thaksin ever has.]

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