“You…ugly American you.. go home!!”


From a marketing image circulate don social media: Damrong Puttan on the section “Talk with Damrong” of the Yok Tub Kao chao program PPTVHD Channel (28 January 2015).
“Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs came out to tell Thailand to stop martial law. I would like to speak as this is my country and I own this country …Daniel Russel, you…ugly American you.. go home!!”

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3 Responses to “You…ugly American you.. go home!!”

  1. Wiz says:

    Khun Damrong Puttan (Aka Bung Lor – from Abdullah) is a Muslim host from Ayutthaya which has been in TV business since 1978 or so … and he even being appointed as a senator … he is a founder of Khoosang Khoosom magazine as well … and what he has spoken is exactly what many Thai people has perceived

  2. Tino Kuis says:

    But, but…the King is American too…..

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