You must take an oath to protect the constitution first

From Manager, January 26, 2012
Worajate: You must take an oath to protect the constitution first. Otherwise I won’t allow you two to be my parents.
Caption: It must be very difficult to be Mr. Worajate’s parents.
[The boy is Worajate Pakeerat, a Thammasat law professor and Nitirat Group’s leader. He is the target of verbal attack among anti-Nitirat and anti-Thaksin forces. The allusion here is to the reform of the lese majeste law proposing that the King must take an oath to protect the constitution. Since it is out of question to draw a cartoon depicting HM The King, the cartoonist (Khun Buncha – Khamin) shows a father and mother bowing to a son. This imagery is surprising and shocking and is a violation of Thai traditional concepts of filial piety both as they relate to parents and the monarchy.]

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