You guys have to get up and bring this government down!

From Manager, November 1, 2016
Thaksin (he seems to be holding a rice pledging ticket): You guys have to get up and bring this government down. Then you can get to using this drug. [means something like, they can have this same money (which is like a drug) if they bring him back to power]
On the bag: 15,000 [baht] rice pledging scheme.
Yingluck holds a syringe.
Caption: The drug dealer knows… the addict can do anything.

[The Pheu Thai rice pledging scheme both emptied the country’s coffers while it encouraged rice farmers to go into debt to take advantage of guaranteed rice prices that were well above market prices. The cartoonist compares the plan to a drug dealer who gets people hooked on drugs. In the cartoon, Thaksin holds out the promise of further subsidies to his family’s return to political power.]

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