You can support it, but not oppose it


From Thairath, September 4, 2015
Title: Will it be a god-version constitution? [meaning a constitution that the all-powerful like a god and cannot be opposed]
Sign on the constitution: NCPO’s constitution [National Council for Peace and Order; the junta]
The man holding the constitution is Bowornsak Uwanno, head of the Constitution Drafting Committee.
On men’s backs (L-R): Support the NCPO, support an appointed [system]
Signs held by men outside the barrier: Extend the NCPO’s power, don’t establish an appointed system, reject the constitution, we don’t accept it
On the man’s back (outside the barbed wire): Don’t accept the constitution.
Phi Nooring: You can support it, but not oppose it.
Mouse: It’s not democracy.

[Refers to the draft constitution created by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) led by Bowornsak. This controversial draft was criticized as it would be a tool to allow the National Council for Peace and Order to retain power.
The draft, would allow a number of people designated (not elected) to participate in political activities.]

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