Just think that you are sacrificing for the country

From Thairath, February 21, 2017
Title: Just think that you are sacrificing for the country
On the bag held by the soldier: Budget for free education, health care card [he is pouring this into the military’s submarine program]
At top right on the bag: Fees for the consultants; Salaries for many positions
On his back: Allied groups [meaning that groups allied to the military are reaping benefits from the big money deals]
Left on a man with glasses: Disabled peoples’ fund
On woman’s shirt: 30 baht universal coverage health care program
On a man next to her: Impose taxes
Phi Nooring: Want the neighbors to be afraid.
A mouse: For the security. [meaning they hope people will be afraid so they can justify spending for more weapons for security]

[The cartoon criticizes the junta for increasing spending on security with contracts that benefit their allies while cutting budgets for the public warfare.]

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