Yingluck’s letter


From Manager, October 15, 2015
From the city at left: Ha ha ha…. a stupid letter…how could she write this….really stupid. She was probably fooled by her lawyer.
Yingluck: You can laugh as much as you want… I did not write if for you!
Caption: A letter of Poo… communicate with who!
[This refers to the letter former PM Yingluck wrote to PM Prayuth asking for justice for her as she faces the confiscation of her assets as punishment for the losses the country incurred for the Pheu Thai rice pledging program.
The cartoonist contends Yingluck only cares for her own funds as the countryside has been left with massive debts incurred by foolish loans taken out to plant for rice to take advantage of the Pheu Thai’s rice payments.]

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