Yingluck Sent to Honor Prem

From Thairath, April 22, 2012
The caption reads: Please bless me and Thai people well.
Signs from left to right:
Bail out 112 lese majeste prisoners
Clean up the consequences of the coup 2549 [the 2006 coup]
Release UDD prisoners
Stop the double standards
The truth will eliminate further demonstrations
Charter amendment
The sign carried by the mouse: Reconciliation must be sincere
[This cartoon attempts to support Yingluck in her meeting with Prem who Thaksin and the Red Shirts have long labeled as their greatest foe.]

From Manager, April 26, 2012
Yingluck says: Hey! Where’s your bowl for Songkran? [meaning the bowl to pour water over Prem’s hands to honor him]
The Red Shirt leader says: Oh! Do I have to use it? [He carries a paving stone instead of a bowl. Red Shirt protesters pulled up these stones from the sidewalks during demonstrations to throw at cars with government leaders inside during their protests.]
The caption reads: Someone can’t be allowed to enter Prem’s house because he forgot to bring a bowl.
[This refers to the Red Shirts’ aggressive actions in accusing Prem of being behind the 2006 coup and being Thaksin’s biggest enemy. It is quite a shock to now have Pheu Thai leader Yingluck being sent to coyingly wai at Prem and ask for his blessing.]

(Source: Daily News)

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