Yingluck says ulterior power obstructs govt, rice subsidies

Yingluck says ulterior power obstructs govt, rice subsidies – Thai PBS, January 7, 2014
… There are unconventional and undemocratic political games with the objectives of removing the government and obstructing the present administration from successively working for the people’s well-being despite the fact that farmers themselves have been in favour of rice subsidies, she said.
She said related government agencies were instructed to solve problems which impeded payments to farmers.
Claiming that the government’s policy has been accepted by farmers and has been successful in increasing farmers’ income in the last two years, she vowed to work with her Cabinet for the success of the project…

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2 Responses to Yingluck says ulterior power obstructs govt, rice subsidies

  1. Wiz says:

    Liar! She got this kind of warning long before dissolution but she has paid attention to the whitewash for her brother so she has ignored the warning at her own perils.

  2. %%% says:

    Why not! If such a global trophy were ever created, Thai politicians would probably be amongst the first to win an Ulterior Motives World Cup. Yingluk should now be aware that she is no longer playing in the Ban Nork Sunday League, but right up there in the Premier League of Dirty Dealings – with her own brother being the local version of Alex Ferguson in the realm of dodgy oblique soccer strategies. Complaining just doesn’t cut the ice with either Alex or his numerous enemies. Well, they all lie, don’t they? All the more reason to go back to such simple non-competitive pleasures as needlecraft.

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