Yingluck sacrificed herself

From Thairath, September 6, 2017
Left, Red Shirt leader Thida Thavornseth: Yingluck comes from the elite and sacrificed herself to participate in politics…
Middle, Thida: I need to ask Yingluck’s doctor!
Man: Ask what?
Right: Ask why does the doctor make an elite people have Meniere’s disease? That is too much sacrifice.

[This cartoon jokes about the initial reason Yingluck’s representatives gave as to why she did not show up for the rice-pledging verdict. It was first claimed she was not at court because she was stricken with Meniere’s disease. In reality, she was secretly fleeing the country.
The cartoonist shows Thida, a diehard supporter of the Shinawatras, espousing Yingluck’s cover story of being sick and not being able to attend the verdict.]

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