Yingluck Happy with Theerayuth Comments

From Manager, March 21, 2012
Second man [Is he Noppadol Pattama?]: He’s good at criticizing. Will you run against us in an election?
Yingluck: I’m so pleased. He praised me. Said I’m beautiful and photogenic.
Jatuporn: He’s an academic who’s behind the times!
Box: The only person in the party who appreciates Theerayuth’s comments
[Referring to the criticism of academic Theerayuth’s political analysis. His comments frame the political situation in a way the government does not like. Explaining the political situation in terms of an exiled politician maneuvering to return–not the government position that constitutional amendments are vital to achieve reconciliation in politics.]

From Manager, March 21, 2012
Hey! Yingluck’s traveling abroad again. We’d better get ready to cover our heads. [meaning some people are embarrassed by the gaffes she makes when speaking abroad]

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